Project Updates

1970 VW – The engine is in and the wiring is nearing completion. We have encountered a small problem though, the engine has been modified and the body has had some new sheet metal installed leaving us with several clearance problems. The valve covers and the exhaust will not fit into the existing engine compartment. We will have to decide how to handle the situation but the most likely solution is to trim away the conflicting sheet metal in the engine compartment.

Sam is working on the correct wiring terminations. Nothing every, every works right out of the box!

It almost took a shoe horn to get the engine into the body.

Things are looking much better now that the engine is in.


1972 Chevrolet Truck – Jon’s truck is getting closer to completion by the day, He and his father, Steve have done an outstanding job on the restoration.


1972 Triumph Spitfire – Waiting for parts to get the brakes restored to correct working order.

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