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Welcome to our web site. Regardless of how you found us, we are glad you did and happy to have you with us. Please feel free to browse around here. You will find great information about us and what we do  plus links and information for informative and interesting sites. We add content continuously and encourage you to stop back often to see what is new.

At O’Daniel Automotive Restoration, we have a passion for old cars and their special history. Our staff truly loves working with these pieces of history and the owners that make them special.

The reasons people have affection for a particular car and the stories that go along with them vary, but one thing remains consistent, they want a care that is safe, fun and reliable to enjoy. Our philosophy is very simple. We only do things one way: the right way! We won’t take shortcuts or compromise our integrity when it comes to the work we do. We treat every car like it is our own and take pride seeing it through to completion.

We offer various services to help restore you car to its original glory, to merely prepare it for winter storage or to get it ready for the summer car show season. Whatever your current needs are, we are prepared to help you accomplish them in a timely, cost effective manner.

Our experience with many different types of cars means we don’t have to specialize in a particular make or model of cars. We can efficiently work on almost any make or model and achieve results you will be very pleased with. I invite you to browse through our website and check out the many areas that may interest you. We have restoration projects and helpful resource links filled with specific information that will answer questions you may have about your car. If you are looking for a business that you can trust with your special car, we would welcome you for a peek at our shop and to see what projects we’re currently working on. Visitors are always welcome!

– Randy O’Daniel

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