The Restoration Process

The Restoration Process  

The process of restoring a vehicle may take from months to years depending upon the complexity of the project. Regardless of the project, all restorations follow virtually the same flow chart. 

The process begins with a thorough inspection and walk around with the owner of the vehicle, asking questions about their desires, intended use and the level of personal involvement they would like to have. It is important for us to have a good understanding of what you expect the finished project to be as well as any special requests you may have. After concluding the initial inspection we will determine if the job is a good candidate for our shop and what our schedule of work currently is and when we can begin work. 

If you decide to commission the car to us for restoration, an initial deposit amount will be determined and an appropriate time to leave the car in our care will be set. 

Upon commencing the project we will evaluate the current operating condition of the drive train, electrical components and determine the best order of disassembly. Work will then begin with taking detailed photos of the car and documenting anything needing further explanation. 

The tear down process includes removing all parts of the car from the main body while taking additional photos and bagging and tagging parts and fasteners. The parts and fasteners will be boxed according to location and stored for later restoration. With the car stripped of most major items, the body will be removed from the chassis if applicable and placed on a mobile body cart. The remainder of the chassis will be disassembled and prepared for media blasting along with the body. 

When the chassis and body blasting are complete, the body and associated sheet metal parts will be dispatched to our body / paint facility for repair and paint. While these components are being restored, the chassis parts will be evaluated, restored or replaced. Assembly of the chassis will be completed and covered for storage. The drive train will be evaluated and restored next and installed in the chassis when completed. 

Upon completion of the body repair, we may choose to install the primed body on the chassis prior to painting or to paint the body and mate it with the chassis after completed. Whichever method we choose the body will be installed on the chassis and the sheet metal installed. 

The wiring harness, glass interior components and underhood details will be tackled next, with the interior being completed last. Along the way at the appropriate time the freshly rebuilt engine will be started and broken in properly, preparing it for a long life. 

The hundreds of detail items will be completed and the car tested for proper operation with adjustments being made as needed. Along the restoration journey, complete progress photos will be taken to document its progress and thoroughness of restoration. This is a truly amazing process to watch as the car goes to virtually nothing but pieces and then slowly comes back together to reclaim it former glory. 

We will have many questions during the process and your input will be needed. Your visits to our shop are encouraged and welcomed as we are excited to show you the progress and current status of you project. Please don’t worry about being a bother, that’s what we’re here for. 

When the project is complete you will receive a complete reconciliation of the work performed, the parts purchased, the sublet repairs completed and the original documents that verify that information. It is vital that these records be kept in a safe location as we do not retain any copies of them. We will also provide you with documentation as to authenticity we were able to determine and the information associated with those claims. We will also provide you with the digital photos on a DVD or other suitable storage device for your information. 

Final payment is required at the time of delivery and will complete payment on your account. After having driven the car for several weeks, minor adjustments may need to be made and will be accomplished in a convenient manner. Should you have questions or concerns with any item regarding the restoration or the vehicles operation, please contact us immediately so that they may be addressed as fit. 

The proper maintenance of you restored car is vital to its long term well being and we would like to have you consider allowing us to perform the normal maintenance as well as prepare your car for winter storage and the summer driving season. We have developed spring and fall procedures that will insure adequate protection for your vehicle as well as catch any unforeseen problems that may develop. Remember, they are machines and are subject to maintenance needs and repairs along the way, whether they are driven or not. 

We are here for you and your car and want to help you protect your investment; we take as much pride in our restorations as the owners themselves.

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