Spring Service – We have developed a comprehensive spring service schedule routine that is designed to prepare you car for a summer full of fun after the long cold winter in storage.

Winter Service– Before tucking your car away for the long winter, be sure to prepare it for a protected storage environment. We will follow our storage preparation list and get all the items done the car will need.

Repair Work– Things break and on cars over thirty years old, they break a little more often as they are subject to long term wear. We can diagnose the issues and provide you with a recommendation for repair that will get your car back on the road quickly.

Engine Rebuilding– From minor engine repairs to a major rebuilding job, we can handle the project from start to finish and to the specification level you desire. We can add a little more juice to the motor or just restore it to factory specifications at a level of expertise and craftsmanship that is not often found.

Transmission Rebuilding– Sometimes your cars transmission has just seen its better days and is ready for a complete rebuild. We will do a complete teardown and replace all the worn parts and seals to give you many more years of enjoyment from your car.

Suspension Rebuilding– The most worn and ineffective parts on old cars are normally the suspension parts. From shocks to springs to bushings and beyond, we can provide several options to restore the ride to original factory specifications or accomplish some performance upgrades.

Rear Axle Rebuilding – Whether it’s just a leak in need of repair, Bearings in need of replacement or a complete gear ratio change, we can complete the work as desired with professional results.

Distributor Set Up – We have a Sun Distributor machine that enables us to properly set up your distributor. Setting  the advance curve and rebuilding the distributor insure correct operation and performance from your engine.

Maintenance– Maintenance is vitally important on cars whether they are new or 40 years old. Fluids all wear out and become contaminated, reducing their effectiveness. We can complete any level of maintenance your car needs from oild changes to complete brake system rehabilitation without fail. Don’t take a chance with your car and let a normal shop do your work, we are experts and have all the resources to do it correctly.

Paint Repair– Dull, oxidized or paint covered with surface scratches will surely ruin the appearance of a nice car. It’s the first thing you notice when looking at a car. We can provide a remedy and restore your paint to a cosmetically pleasing condition. We can also complete any level of paint work needed to repair scratches and rust conditions as need be. Let us look at your car and give you an evaluation.

Numbers Verification – We can complete an extensive recovery of all the major components numbers on your car and provide a complete analysis as to the correctness of those components. This will verify a “Numbers Matching” car.

Car Validation – We will do a thorough research of you cars serial number and data plate information to give you a complete analysis of the factory number identification and content of your car.

Appearance Work– Sometimes your car just needs a little extra TLC to restore its appearance. We have perfected the proper methods to get that new car look back and prepare your car for the summer driving season. We can accommodate any level of detail work you would like to have done.

Complete or Partial Restorations– No matter what level of restoration you want done on your car, we are well equipped to handle the project.

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