Shop Tour

Welcome to our shop we call home. Please browse through the pictures for a true insiders look at our restoration shop and facilities.


This side of the shop is devoted for project tear down, component restoration, engine re-building and the assembly process.


 The other side of the shop is for storage of our car collection as well as projects not currently in process.


Research and ordering all happen via the internet.


We have a complete library of shop and assembly manuals on hand for cars ranging from the 30’s through the 70’s.


The metal fabrication that is done by hand happens here.

Welding table next to a Mig welding system.

A 40 ton shop press and a water based parts cleaning system.


A vertical miiling machine also doubles up as a drill press



This piece of equipment is like a dishwasher for car parts. It has a rotating turn table and the high pressure water jets spray 250 degree water to thoroughly clean even the toughest parts.


Thousands of different little pieces of hardware, clips and specialty items are needed for a correct restoration.


Media blasting of smaller parts is accomplished with either Aluminum Oxide or Glass Beads.


Nuts, Bolts, Washers and other new hardware in every size, length and thread pitch is on hand.


This vintage Sun Distributor machine is used to properly set up distributors prior to instalation into the car.


Additives, fluids and lubricants are also in good supply for our use.


We have jack stands and car dollies in every possible configuration.


Cradles to hold engines and transmissions and all on wheels.


Our vintage frame measurement system helps out in some cases to help confirm measurements on bodys and frames.


A huge part of the process is having the right tools on hand to complete the work.


This rolling tool box goes to the project saving valuable time and steps.


Another vital element is our twin down draft paint booths with a fresh air intake and heater to cure the paint at 175 degrees


This end drafting prep station is a perfect place to prime and seal the small parts


The custom paint mixing room is located between the two paint booths with direct aqcces into each of them.


No maatter what color we need, it is always on hand due to the fact we custom mix all our own paint with a computerized mixing system.


We would be lost without a way to transport our projects runnung or not. Lots of room and it has an electric winch to help move cars in and out of the trailer as need be.

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