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Here are the Technical articles we have collected thus far for your information. Click on the link to open the full original document. Additional articles will be added as they become available.

Body-Pickup Bed Rebuild

Body-Rebuilding Door Hinges

Brakes-Brake Restoration

Brakes-Corvette C2 Parking Brake Cable

Brakes-Disc Brake Conversion

Brakes-Disc Brake Upgrade

Chassis-Camaro Subframe Repair

Electrical-Headlight Identification

Electrical-How To Diagnose Wiring  Part #1

Electrical-Instrument Restoration

Electrical-Radio Restoration

Electrical-Starter Rebuild

Electrical- Tuning Up A Vintage Radio

Electrical-Vat-40 Testing Procedures

Engine-Cam Break-in & Oil Properties

Engine-Cooling System Maintenance Pt 1

Engine-Cooling System Maintenance Pt 3

Engine-Distributor Timing Essentials

Engine-New Tech For An Olds Engine

Engine-Porting For Better Flow

Engine-Properly Lubricating Classic Engines

Engine-Setting The Timing

Engine-Timing Is Everything

Engine-Torque Specifications

Engine-What You Need To Know About Engine Oil

Engine-Why Do I Need Zinc In My Oil

Exhaust-Vintage Exhaust Systems

Fuel-Fuel Pump Restoration

Fuel-Holley Restoration

Fuel-Holley Troubleshooting

Fuel-Holley Tuning

Fuel-Muscle Carb Review

Fuel-Quadrajet Cures

Fuel-Quadrajet Tuning Tips

General-Rebuilding Door Hinges

General-Tear Down

Interior-Carpet Replacement

Interior-Dash Pad Replacement

Interior-Restoring Car Seats Pt 3

Interior-Steering Wheel Restoration

Paint-Chassis Detailing

Paint-Correct Colors

Paint-67 to 69 Camaro Correct Component Colors

Paint-Gold Cadium Painting

Paint-Mixing Paint

Paint-The Correct Paint Products

Steering-Corvette C2 Steering Gear Overhaul & Adjustment

Steering-Power Steering Rebuild

Steering-Steering Box Rebuild

Suspension-Trailing Arm Upgrade

Suspension-Owning The Corners

Transmission-Identifying GM Transmission

Transmission- ID Numbers

Transmission-Muncie Shifter Restoration

Trim-Convertible Top Replacement

Trim-Emblem Refinishing

Trim-Repairing Cast Parts

Trim-Restoring Car Seats Pt 2

Trim-Solvent Welding

Trim-Stainless Steel Restoration

Ventilation-A/C Evaporator Box

Ventilation-Rebuilding A Vintage Heater

Wheels & Tires-Corvette Knock Off Wheels

Wheels & Tires-Restoring Rally II Wheels

Wheels & Tires-Understanding Dimensions

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