1953 Chrysler New Yorker

Check out the mostly original New Yorker. What a huge car this is.

IMG_2191 IMG_2192 IMG_2193 IMG_2194 IMG_2195 IMG_2196


The paint is off and the sheet metal repair is underway. The next step after the polyester filler skim coat is an epoxy sealer designed to insure a good solid, water tight base to apply the primer on. The primer will then be blocked and re-primed and then again blocked in preparation for color.

IMG_2296 IMG_3528 IMG_3529 IMG_3530 IMG_3559 IMG_3589 IMG_3594 IMG_3601 IMG_3613 IMG_3617 IMG_3618 IMG_3622 IMG_3624 IMG_3625 IMG_3630 IMG_3635 IMG_3637 IMG_3640 IMG_3645 IMG_3668 IMG_3676 IMG_3679 IMG_3681 IMG_3686 IMG_3694 IMG_3697 IMG_3730 IMG_3763 IMG_3764 IMG_3770 IMG_3772 IMG_3798


Great progress is be made and the car is not painted. We are in the process of color sanding and buffing the car. As parts are completed they will be installed onto the car and it will beging to take on its new identity.

IMG_3826 IMG_3918 IMG_3920 IMG_3955 IMG_3970 IMG_3975 IMG_3988 IMG_3991 IMG_3994 IMG_4005 IMG_4061 IMG_4067

Just keeps moving along. The weather stripping and windows are going back in now.

IMG_0296 IMG_0295 IMG_0294 IMG_0293 IMG_0292 IMG_4067IMG_0298


90% of the chrome trim is back from the plating shop and has been carefully installed. As soon as the remainder arrives and is installed the project is complete.

 IMG_0330 IMG_0305 IMG_0334 IMG_0331 IMG_0315 IMG_0311 IMG_0308 IMG_0307 IMG_0302 IMG_0301 IMG_0300

All done and ready to go home!

 IMG_0341 IMG_0342 IMG_0344 IMG_0346 IMG_0348 IMG_0349 IMG_0351 IMG_0352


  1. Thanks for adding the newest pictures; now son Stephan can see the colors. Bruce & Steve

  2. It’s looking more beautiful with each new picture. Bruce 3/26/13

  3. Randy, what you showed me in the body shop last week sure
    looked absolutely beautiful to me, the beginning of the fulfillment
    of a 30 year + dream. My son liked the paint samples very much,
    but I want to share another comment he made. Also, regarding my
    concept of “beautiful”, I have another story about the engine
    rebuild I’d like to share with you some time. Lastly, boxes of
    parts are now all down from my attic. Bruce & Steve

  4. It’s amazing how solid this car is and the original paint means no surprises.

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