1966 Chevrolet Corvette

1966 Chevrolet Corvette Roadster       427/425HP Engine


This Corvette came from Arizona and it is a horsepower monster. A huge 427 Cu In engine coupled up to a 4 speed manual transmission puts plenty of power to the road. It was built as a radio delete, manual brake and manual steering car. The only visible options are the knock off wheels, the side pipe exhaust system and the black leather interior. This completely matching numbers car is a great example of the mid-sixties production muscle cars.

This car was built by GM for one main purpose, to go fast and make plenty of noise doing it. Really does both of those things well.

The car was in great shape when I bought it and all I really did was to install a new battery, a new black soft top and bring the maintenance and repair items up to date. Corvettes have had a long production run and will continue well into the future.

The collectibility of the 63-67 mid year corvettes continues to increase every year with fewer and fewer left on the road all the time. When these cars were new, they were often pushed behind the barn if the engine was blown up or if the body sustained considerable damage. Well not any more.


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