Current Projects

Current Projects

Here are some of the projects we have in the shop currently. Click on the link to the left to see in depth pictures of the work in progress. 

1939 Buick Special Eight Convertible

The current owner of this fine old Buick purchased the car from his Aunt who was getting ready to sell it. She and her late husband owned this car for most of its life and took extremely good care of it. Anytime a part was replaced, the original that was removed was saved along with all the license plates and original paperwork.
This has been a tremendous help in rebuilding the electrical components on the car as we were lucky to get several starters, voltage regulators and generators with the car. The body looked to be in excellent condition on first sight but we soon found out there was a history of rust and repair that would soon be uncovered after the media blasting removed all the paint.
The good thing about this project is how complete everything is, all the trim and other hard to replace items are all present and will only need to be restored, repainted or re-chromed.


1968 Chevrolet Camaro

The story on this 1968 Camaro is quite interesting. I was told that this car was purchased new in Columbia City and driven to the new owners home where he eventually converted it into a race ready car for the strip. It was raced for many years and possibly by several owners until it reached its current owner. He has a desire to return it to its original factory configuration and to restore its original appearance.

The frame and other various parts were acid washed to reduce weight and all non-essential parts were removed and metal removed were it wasn’t needed. That leaves us with a huge task of replacing everything that is now missing and fabricating new sheet metal to repair the damage. The wheel well openings were hammered out to increase the tire size and make it work better on the track.

We are faced with an enormous task to restore the car to original and are discovering more missing parts almost daily.


1995 Ferrari 456GT

This car came in with a need of a complete paint job as well as needing repair work to the exterior body panels that were crushed when the power top malfunctioned and caused extensive damage.

We came across an old Motor Trend magazine article that featured this very car and told its story. There were only a couple of convertibles every produced and this particular car was converted by a conversion company that is no longer in business. It was confirmed that this car was owned at one time by Mike Tyson and driven by him until the time at which he sold it.

Being one of only a couple of cars, the unique convertible parts have to be fabricated by hand and the electrical system for the top manually diagnosed. We have a lot of time in this project already and it is nearing completion.

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