What A Week

This past week has been filled with projects, progress and set backs, just a normal week in the restoration business.

The first progress report is the 1966 Impala SS. The suspension, brakes and rear axle have been completed and are now in the car. The axle was rebuilt with a new posi unit as well as a taller gear set. Should make the car go much better off the line. We also replaced all the suspension bushings, front shocks and did quite a bit of general maintenance work to make the car more reliable and drive better.



The next project update is the 1977 Excalibur. We spent the week taking off all the trim so that we could polish it and bring it back to its chrome like finish. We also installed a new radio and just got the new tires in. The tires are going to be mounted and balanced on Weds and will soon go back on the car. The interior is done with all the loose trim and carpet repaired.

The next pahse is to replace all the belts, hoses and other rubber item in the engine compartment. We are also going to completely flush the cooling system as well as the brake hydaulics and install new brake hoses and any other aged parts.



The last project to report on is the 1968 Camaro SS. We are currently finishing our installation of the door panels, brake lines and a few other assorted parts including the steering box and column. After these items are complete we will be holding for the engine and transmission to arrive for installation. In the meantime we are preparing to order tires to go on the 15×8 Rally Wheels that arrived this week.

This project is really fun to work on as the progress is amazing and the car is absolutely beautiful.



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