This Week In The Shop

We had a short week in the shop but got a lot done with the time we had. Here’s the updates on the projects for the week:

1977 Excalibur

We placed the car up on jack stands, removed the wheels and did a preliminary inspection. Due to the fact the car has not run in a good number of years, we pulled the engine cowlings off, removed the plugs and turned the engine over by hand to insure it was not locked up or had an undue amount of restistance. After we rotated the assembly, we ran a bore scope down into several of the cylinders to get a peek at the condition of the cylinder walls.

Although the cylinder walls appeared dry and had slight scratching, no major corrosion was present and we will proceded with changing all the fluids, rubber items and get the engine started.

We also started on the exterior trim by removing the bumpers for polishing and fabricated some new brackets for the rear trunk.


1966 Chevrolet Impala SS

We have been busy cleaning, blasting and painting parts for the past two weeks in preperation for assembly of the front and rear suspension and the installation of the rebuilt rear axle.

We also uncovered an engine problem during the routine maintenance oil change, nylon pieces from the timing gear were present in the oil pan which meant we had to pull the pan to further check it out. The oil pump was ruined and we have installed a new timing gear set along with the oil pump.

All the suspension bushings are almost in and it will be time to start the installation next week when all of them are complete. Along with the rebuilt suspension the car is getting a new disc brake set-up on the front to insure safe, reliable stopping power.


1968 Chevrolet Camaro SS

We completed the layout and painting of the stripe package on the header, fenders and doors. The doors are back on the car but we have to decided to hold off on the rest of the sheet metal installation until we have the new engine in place. It will be much easier and safer to work on the engine compartment without the front end sheet metal on the car. The rear axle, gas tank and fuel and brake lines are in place and will be completed soon.

We are waiting on numerous parts that will be arriving next week that will help us keep the progress moving forward. This is going to be such a beautiful car.


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