Shop Update

1970 VW – We are currently working on assembling the quarter glass, door glass and controls as well as installing the weatherstrips as we go. We have completed installation of the convertible top rail seals and are aligning the glass as we go. The windows were all just laying in their respective holes when we got the car so we completely removed them for cleaning and restoration prior to installation and adjustment.

The wheels were stripped and painted and have now made their way back onto the car. They look much better with fresh paint that matches the exterior color of the car.

On Monday we will begin the detailed process of terminating all the wiring to its correct location. The old wiring harness was removed and wires were cut off the switches prior to us recieving the car. We’ll get it all figured out as we go.

We are ready for the engine installation so that we can complete the electrical, gas lines, control cables and air ducting. The engine will most likely go in today if everything goes according to plan.

1972 Chevrolet Truck – Steve and Jon are working on completing the truck and are very close to having it done. I anticipate it will be leaving the shop very soon to go home and they will complete all the little details there.

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