Project Updates

It has been a busy last couple of weeks in the shop. The 1966 Chevrolet Impala SS when home to its owner and has seen a few miles since then. It turned out great even though we had to do more extensive work tham originally thought.

1977 Excalibur:

We have experienced what old cars do so well to us, EVerything you try to repair turns into a far larger job than you could ever anticipate. After getting all the fluid systems cleaned out and fresh hose and lines installed, we got the engine started only to discover that all three heater cores in the car were leaking due to old age. They were removed and sent out for recoring at Ace Radiator and are being re-installed today. While the engine was running we also noticed extreme leaking at the valve cover gaskets and had to remove fenders and exhaust manifolds just to get to them. The old car is fighting all the way but we will win the battle.



1968 Camaro:

While we are waiting for the engine and transmission to arrive, we have installed parts as they arrive and the heater assembly should be complete by next week. Front tires are on backorder and may be a problem. The rear tires have already been installed and look pretty strong on the car.


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