Meet “Juliana”

This is “Juliana” ,  a 1990 Jeep Grand Wagoneer that was owned by some wonderful customers of ours that have purchased over 10 cars from us in the past. The Jeep has grown a little weary and would take too much money to repair and they caould not justify the cost.

They contacted me and were looking for a good home for their baby with someone who would take the time to bring her back to her original glory. I went out and looked at the Jeep in their driveway and decided to become the adoptive owner and take on the task. It will not be a quick fix and will take a lot of time and effort but worth it in the end to save another classic from the crusher.

Watch this site as we begin the journey down the road to restoration in the future. Here’s a little look at what she looks like now before we start.

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