1968 Camaro Update

After a long weekend away from the shop, I checked in on the progress that was made while I was away. The Camaro body panels are all repaired, sealed and primed. We installed the new sub-frame onto the body and then installed all the bolt on sheet metal parts in order to correct any ill fitting parts and to verify panel alignment prior to painting. It looks like we have just a few body line issues to deal with and then it will be torn back down to have the paint work initiated.

Once the actual final paint color work begins the body will take on an entirely different look. It’s always exciting to get to that point as the project starts taking final shape much quicker.

The sub-frame is installed and the body parts start going on.

Front valance and hood are installed to check the fit.

The door to fender gaps have to be made correct through panel modification and alignment.

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