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  1. I am out of town this week but will dig into it when I return.

  2. Hello:I recently bought a 1939 Buick 46C convertible coupe restoration project. Searching the web for parts and info turned up your recent restoration of a similar car. I need some help with the interior mainly and for the top mechanism.
    I am in pretty good shape on the mechanical and running gear end of the project. I need the rear bow for the top, a rear window with trim, and the three stainless trim pieces for the windshield. An assembly drawing of the top or appropriate photos would be valuable.
    I don’t have any of the interior trim panels or the even a picture of the rear where the top rests when it is folded down. Do have rough seats and a couple of surprisingly good jump seats.
    Do you have any parts left over from your project for sale? I could also use drawings or at least photos of the rear plywood bulkhead and shelf that forms up the well for the top. Not looking for a freebie and would pay a reasonable fee for your services. I don’t have an unlimited budget and plan to do most of the restoration myself. Thanks, Bob Henderson, Rainier, Oregon, 503 556 7291

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